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 1. Does electrolysis work and what is it?

 2. Is the treatment uncomfortable?

 3. How long will it take before all the hair is gone permanently?

 4. Why electrolysis rather than other methods?

 5. Is electrolysis safe?

 6. What causes excessive hair growth?

 7. What areas are commonly treated?

 8. What are the benefits of electrolysis?

 9. What does an Apilux Smartpro Treatment involve?

10. Am I a suitable candidate for IPL treatment?

11. How many IPL treatments are required?

12. Is privacy guaranteed?



Does electrolysis work and what is it?

Answer:Yes! Electrolysis is the only method of removing hair permanently. The process was discovered in 1875 by an ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles Michel, when he invented a procedure to remove an ingrown eyelash. Since then electrolysis has become very popular on many areas of the body. Procedures have been perfected and technology is highly sophisticated.

Electrolysis is accomplished by directing a small amount of energy into the natural opening of the hair follicle. This gradually weakens and ultimately eliminates the hair producing cells. Without these cells, hair cannot grow. Electrolysis is very effective in removing unwanted hair forever.

Is the treatment uncomfortable?

Answer: Discomfort is relative to each individual, but most clients tolerate it very well. Sensitivity varies on different areas of the body. Topical anesthetics are available upon request, but are seldom needed due to the efficiency and comfort levels provided by the computer-controlled, high-precision circuitry of our equipment. Enhanced Image Electrolysis has three different electrolysis machines to accommodate all skin types and sensitivity levels. Adjustments are made to accommodate with each client’s level of sensitivity.

How long will it take before all the hair is gone permanently?

Answer: Electrolysis requires a series of treatments, the number varying for each individual. With each treatment, you will notice visible improvement. The length of each session may vary from 15-60 minutes (or longer in some cases). A schedule will be tailored to meet each individual’s needs, determined by the cause of the hair growth, the amount and coarseness of the hair, hair growth cycles, and the sensitivity of the client’s skin. The more aggressive you are with your treatment schedule, the sooner your unwanted hair will be gone.

Why electrolysis rather than other methods?

Answer: Electrolysis is the only PROVEN method to remove hair permanently. Shaving, waxing, tweezing, stringing, laser, and using depilatories are all temporary methods and may produce unsightly side effects such as skin irritations and ingrown hair. These methods may also stimulate hair to become coarser and more deeply rooted, making permanent removal more difficult.

Is electrolysis safe?

Answer: YES, electrolysis has been safely and effectively used for over 130 years. The Department of Health and Human Services has approved electrolysis and recognizes it as the only proven method of permanent hair removal.

The highest sterilization standards are met in our office to give you the assurance of the safest treatments possible. The following methods are enforced:

  • Individual, sterile, disposable probes are used for each treatment.
  • Instruments are cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning unit and dry heat sterilization.
  • Disposable nitrile or vinyl gloves are used. Our office is latex free.
  • We strictly follow infection control standards as recommended by the American Electrology Association (AEA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Association for Practitioners in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).

What causes excessive hair growth?

Answer: Unwanted hair may be the result of normal biological changes such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. Also, malfunctions of the endocrine system often cause glandular or hormonal imbalances, which may result in increased hair growth. Heredity is another key factor, as are reactions to certain medications, normal aging process, diseases, obesity and previous temporary hair removal methods. Even simple stress may cause the adrenal glands to set off a hormonal reaction that causes increased hair growth.

What areas are commonly treated?

Answer: The most requested area to be treated is facial hair, specifically the removal of hair on the upper or lower lip, chin, cheeks, neck, eyebrows, ears and sides of the face. Other areas include bikini (swimsuit) line, underarms, shoulders, back, chest, breasts, arms, legs, abdomen, hands, feet, and hairline reshaping. With few exceptions, hair can be removed from most parts of the body… forever.

What are the benefits of electrolysis?

Answer: Both men and women benefit from improved attitudes and self-image once they do not need to be concerned with unwanted hair. Other benefits include:

  • The only permanent method of removing unwanted hair
  • No more tweezing, waxing or shaving or other temporary methods needed – EVER
  • Safe, effective, sterile treatments
  • Clear, smooth skin
  • Improved self-esteem and sense of well-being

What does an Apilux SmartPro Treatment involve?

If pigmented hairs are present, the area must be shaved. A get is applied to the skin surface. Intense light pulses are passed over the skin in order to destroy hairs or reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. A water cooling system ensures that the device’s lamp remains cool, whereas a thermostatic ventilation system allows the crystal within the handpiece to maintain a cool temperature. Consequently, the skin’s surface also cools down, thereby providing the client optimal comfort during treatments.

Am I a suitable candidate for this type of treatment?

The Apilux SmartPro device offers various programs of operation, which allows for the treatment of every hair type and phototype (skin and hair color). Each program emits a specific number of pulses, of which the duration and relative intervals can be regulated to achieve optimal effectiveness and safety.

How many treatments are required?

Normally, between 5 and 10 are required. However, the number of treatments may vary depending upon the are treated, the amount of hair, as well as skin condition and phototype.

Is privacy guaranteed?

Answer: All treatments are provided in a private, comfortable setting and your personal information is kept strictly confidential.

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